The Puppets for Everyone program extends their appreciation to

Margaret Mahoney and the Thom Anne Sullivan Early Childhood

program in Lowell, Massachusetts for the incredible donation of the eight Kids on the Block puppets pictured in the above photo.

A special thank you is extended to Rick and Boo

of the Helping Hands store in Milton, New Hampshire. For over two years they have put aside many puppets and donated them to the

Puppets for Everyone program. They have proven to be very caring and community-oriented individuals and their generosity has been greatly appreciated.

A special thank you is also extended to Mrs. Sylvia

Davis of North Waterboro, Maine, who kindly

donated many puppets to the Puppets for Everyone project. Her generosity is also greatly


Puppets for Everyone wishes to thank Niki

Abraham for her incredible generosity for the

three large boxes of puppets that she donated

and mailed to Maine. Thank you Niki!

Thank you to Eric Papalini of the Punching Politicians company for their generous donation

of the caricature heads of several famous punching politicians. 

To see the full-bodied Punching Politicians puppets that are available for purchase check out their website at:

Thank You Everyone!